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Summer time is just few winks away and another season changes again. Same is true with the home. Ever had that long pending home project that you wanted to accomplish? In fixing homes, several ideas and things that need to be done always comes to mind, especially in finding the perfect brass fittings. These fittings can be fun and challenging to work with.

But what exactly are brass fittings and why are they considered to be the best in terms of fittings and the like? For one thing, brass is considered as an alloy, a mixture of copper and zinc and is commonly used as materials for construction and building. It is also known for making pipe fittings and is most popular because of their properties are more prevalent than other materials in making fittings. You will notice in old homes or establishments they use the brass fittings instead of other fitting materials because of their durability and strength.

One advantage of having brass fittings is that it provides resistance from corrosion of the wear and tear of water and heat, particularly acids and salt water. Remember that our water came from the underground and in order to come up in our faucets, it goes through a lot of phase in order to be cleaned and purified and be used in household chores. Compared to plastic fittings, brass fittings are durable and can last longer. It can also hold extreme temperatures and can never break or crack.

There are many types of brass fittings that can help you ease your load and easily address your piping concerns. They are also easy to use and install. Even if it is easy to install, it can never break or crack easily. Most plumbers or professionals in the field of plumbing recommend brass fittings for a lot of reasons. Some rely on it for strength and resistance. There are various types of brass fittings for you to choose from. Depending on your need, there are fittings that can be used for hydraulic systems, industrial, plumbing, natural gas, apparatus, temperature control, cooling lines and compressed air. For the price that you pay and installing them, it is worth it especially when it lasts for a lifetime.

Similar to life, brass fittings can serve as our lifeline or as a connector in most cases. It connects us to certain situations or people that have influenced our lives one way or the other. They are different kinds of fittings that can suit or “body plumbing system” and help us in overcoming the resistance to acidic states or people or situations and holding on to us, never letting us go. Isn’t that a coincidence? Notice that friends and family are like that – holding on and supporting you in your lowest points of life, flushing away what is bad in our system. Same as holding on to the temperature, they are also to the extremes – holding on to the hot situations and never letting go of the colder ones.

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This article was published on 2011/07/12